some have it. most want it.

Creative minds have thrived best when working in their own space, at their own pace. And today, creative minds look increasingly toward self employment.

Adapting to this idea is the Indian job market, now receptive to the outsourcing of creative projects to smaller, nimbler firms, versus maintaining a full in-house design team.

As part of this creative ecosystem, we've charted the rise of creative and design opportunities. We've also noticed the difficulty in locating the right creatives - a gap in effective contact.


Which brought us to our mission: To forge an equitable channel of communication.


The idea of ARTWINED took shape in our minds as a symbiotic system - a platform where a design seeking market, and creative individuals or institutions, could call upon each other as required.

A space for creatives to present work in a professional and accessible manner.

We envision ARTWINED as a platform that showcases the best of Indian Creativity to a Pan-Global Audience

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'Designed' is a word we take seriously. ARTWINED is based on custom-designed UI, stripped to a bare, cutting-edge minimum. A clean, clutter-free and intuitive interface, backed by the best code-writers, delivers a powerful browsing experience.

Simplicity and crispness are what we swear by - revel in our workmanlike, bold and edgy interface.

Leverage our evolving community of creatives and seekers to ensure your work gets the audience it deserves. Share your work and invite feedback, interaction and collaboration from fellow citizens of the creative field.

the thinker-

From us to you - innovative customisation tools to build a splendid portfolio and flourish your creative signature. Publish, and discover a vibrant and participative online creative community.

Connect with seekers looking for creatives anytime, anyplace - transcend spatial and temporal boundaries with ARTWINED

Arriving. Soon.